Young Climbers Weekends

Just a quick round up on the young climbers clubs activities last year. We had a busy time at the wall with Thursday nights proving as popular as ever, we also had plenty of sessions for groups running throughout the year. We had three weekend trips to the Peak District with the club. Climbing at Stanage Edge and other great crags such as, Burbage North, Bamford, Higgar Tor, Windgather and Froggatt. Novice climbers got to enjoy the feel and touch of gritstone for the first time and found climbing very different from the wall.

Instructors trip to Fontainbleau

For those not in the know this is the Mecca of bouldering in Europe. Fontainebleau is located 34.5 miles south-southeast of the Paris.

The forest of Fontainebleau surrounds the town and it is recognized as a French national park. Within the forest, there are thousands of sandstone boulders scattered about (some very large and high). All these can be climbed. It is considered to be the biggest developed bouldering area of its kind in the world, there is climbing for all abilities.