Instructors workshop 4th -5th July,2015

The second instructors workshop was held in the Peak District and was great fun and a success. On Saturday we looked at Improving the quality of Observation and Feedback in climbing instruction. The day was spent identifying and devising practical strategies to improve observation and delivery techniques and an in depth analysis of climbing weaknesses, their causes and potential solutions.

Young Climbers Competition May,2015

Well Done to the winners of this years Competition

This year’s young climber’s competition was very well attended, and everybody hopefully had fun. The young climbers competed within their levels completing various events which included several boulder problems , lead climbing routes , top rope routes, and speed climbing , plus demonstrating various skills such as coiling and un coiling a rope ,tying ground anchors.  Well done to the winners of each level and also to all took part as the standard of climbing was very good this year.     

Young Climbers Weekend – June 2015

Despite the bad weather the young climbers had a great weekend – Saturday was spent at Burbage North (see log book for details of climbs) and did very well considering the heavy rain in the morning and midges in the afternoon.
Over the weekend Simon and Neil had their SPA assessment and it was great that the young climbers could be on hand so the lads could demonstrate their supervision skills etc. Pleased to announce that they both passed.

Lead Climbing Course – 6th -7th June, 2015

Six students attended this year’s lead climbing course, Both Saturday and Sunday was spent at Stanage , climbing some great routes. The students and instructors braved the very high winds, at several points during Saturday it was difficult to stand up on the top of the crag without the risk of being blown over (Several hats where blown off heads but fortunately recovered after a chase ).


How good is your foot work?

Johnny Dawes has been at the cutting edge of rock climbing for over 20 years. Now 50 years old he is still exploring and experimenting with the medium, No Handed Climbing. As he describes it as "walking up grit stone". There are also some great tips on how to assess those footholds.

PS yes, Nathan did try and give Jonny some advice on his climbing technic a couple of years ago lol.

Instructor’s workshops

The instructors team attended the first of this year’s evening workshops run by Bish and Alec last Tuesday 21st April .
The aim of the workshops it to ensure that the instructors team updates knowledge through continual professional development .The subject of Tuesdays evenings workshop was How to identify and appraise outstanding climbing instruction. This involved the instructors in role play in teaching skills effectively.

Young Climbers Club starts for 2015

The young climbers club starts back at Green Park climbing wall on the 9th April so look forward to seeing you all then.Over the winter break the instructor team has carried out a review of the training scheme taking a good look at the log book and syllabus, how we teach and instruct, weekends away etc. The general conclusion of the review is that we need to make some changes so we can continually improve our delivery of the training scheme and ensure that you as climbers are given the tools to become the best you can be.