24 – 26th June 2016 Young Climbers Weekend

Once we loaded onto the minibus at Green Park, we commenced our 3.5-hour drive to Hardhurst Farm, Derbyshire. After setting up camp, making our lunches and chatting we went to bed around 11:30pm.
An early rise the next morning allowed us to reach Stanage Popular before anyone else and to make the most of the brief sunshine. Because of the onset of several torrential outbursts of rain, we only managed 8 climbs and a chance to top belay, but after a wet lunch we moved over to Robin Hood’s cave. This is a flooded tunnel that leads to a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ balcony and the sun came out long enough for us all to complete an abseil and try a climb in our walking boots – NOT EASY!! That night we were treated to a lovely pub dinner a short walk down the road.
The next day, a bleak rain sodden morning had us on the brink of turning home but we headed for Wind Gatherer on the off chance and were pleasantly surprised. It was a lovely day’s climbing as the shorter climbs allowed us to get 8 climbs in before leaving at 2pm. There were some really nice climbs which involved laybacks, smearing and hand jams to get everyone focusing on foot placement and weight transferral. After low motivation to begin with, people were sad to leave but the weather was turning so we left and got back to Green Park at 6:45 to hang up the wet gear and head home to our own beds.
Thank you to all the instructors and Dee for making the weekend possible and to parents and climbers for their food contributions, it was a very enjoyable experience despite the weather!
Article by: Molly Crowe (Young Climber)